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We have moved our new address is TSM Transformation Center 28 S. Wycombe Avenue, Lansdowne PA 19050.


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Ministry Overview

Theresa Settles Ministries Inc. is a non-profit faith based organization committed to improving the quality of life for under-privileged children and spreading the gospel locally and internationally.

Our mission is to advance the Kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel, helping the hurting, aiding the poor, empowering the believer and strengthening churches around the world.

We provide financial support for various nations throughout the world such as Uganda, Rwanda, Liberia, Kenya, Haiti and India through the following services:

  • Clean water
  • Educational and vocational services
  • Feeding programs
  • Essential resources (clothing, shoes, etc.)
  • Establish and empower churches


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"The Ordination Affirmation to the Sacred Office of Apostle"

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